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Optimized for commercial beekeeping

With over 4 generations of commercial beekeeping knowledge, the HiveiQ beehive is designed to maximise business performance through the integration of science and technology.

Optimized for commercial beekeeping

With over 4 generations of commercial beekeeping knowledge, the HiveiQ beehive is designed to maximise business performance through the integration of science and technology.

For healthier bees

Engineered for the needs of commercial beekeepers, our hives come equipped with advanced features tailored to elevate efficiency and productivity in large scale beekeeping operations.

Better insulation

6x greater insulation than traditional timber hives for greatly improved honey production and colony strength.

Greater returns

Maximising brood frame count through a stable and optimal micro-climate, increasing performance for pollination.


Resistant to dry rot and termites. The high-density material lasts 25 years+ in a rough commercial environment.


Our EPS hives are half the weight of traditional timber hives and fit 6-wide on a truck for easier transportation, leading to reduced fuel costs and optimised space use.

Palletised beekeeping

Paired with our pallet system, easily load, un-load and transport your hives with a loader.

Feature rich

Conduct sticky mat tests with our integrated tracks, prevent mice infestations with our mouse guard, or collect pollen with our collection system.

Integrated agritech

Equip your operation with the tools to track and oversee all aspects of your beekeeping business, putting essential hive management data at your fingertips.

Shock absorption

Keep your hives un-bothered during transport thanks to the shock absorbing nature of EPS.

Reduced disease/infestations

Keep your colonies strong through greatly improved resource allocation. More resources spent improving the colony rather than keeping the hive warm/cool.

Cost savings

Significantly lower running costs due to:

Improved survival rates over winter.

Reduced fuel costs from lighter equipment.

Less hive replacements thanks to a 30+ year lifespan.

“Once you have used HiveiQ, you will never ever use a wooden hive again. This is a great product! Very well designed and instructions are easy to follow. Exceptional quality. Excellent customer service. My bee's are so much more active and my honey production is up. Highly recommend.”

– Benjamin Short, NSW

“For those in search of hives that strike the right balance between insulation, durability, and weight, I highly recommend considering HiveIQ. The investment is justified, and the positive impact on the beekeeping experience is unmistakable. Overall, an excellent choice for any serious beekeeper.”

– Anel from NKY Honey Bees

“The excellent insulation is awesome in hot and humid weather. Rain can’t get in the joints either. We haven’t seen any bearding in the heat yet. Australian made too! Well done!”

– David & Jay, QLD

“So I just want to thank HiveIQ for there support and products that are available. I have to say so far the hive has had great production and progress considering I started a five frame nuc in July and couldn’t believe how fast the bees were growing compared to another traditional hive that I started at the same time. The bees have produced 1/3 to 1/2 more honey in the HiveIQ vs traditional hive and the bees seem calmer as well. Can’t wait to get more HiveIQ setups and convert completely over. Thanks HiveIQ for everything so far!.”

– Stephen Rapoza, CT

Optimized for professionals

Ergonomic and lightweight, our beehives are constructed with high density Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) for high fusion strength, high quality and precision finish, our beehives are designed for usability and long life.

Thermally Superior Hives

Provide your bees with superior protection and create a more hygienic hive to establish an optimal environment for them to thrive and flourish.

Palletized Beekeeping

Improve efficiency by leaps and bounds with the HiveiQ pallet system. With retractable legs that raise the entrance 12 inches off the ground and maintains a level beehive in all forms of terrain.

Manage your beehives anywhere, anytime

Revolutionise your beekeeping journey with our software. Our platform streamlines every facet of your practice. From site organization to colony assignments, inspections and production tracking, it's all right at your fingertips - whether you're, a keen hobbyist or a large commerical beekeeper.

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