The HiveIQ Software

Beeta release December 22

We're looking for some testers to do the waggle dance on our HiveiQ  beeta 1.0 release.

You can use the HiveiQ beeta software for hobbyist or professional beekeeping. Our beeta program is free through to 1 July 2023, after that it will be $5 per month with additional charges for some professional modules. All of your data and content will be there if you choose to keep using our software. 

What we ask in return is that you help us help you with better software for beekeepers. When using the software, you will notice feedback icons and we’d really appreciate your feedback on our beeta release to help us make the best software for beekeepers.

The HiveIQ beeta program is our way of ensuring we make the best software for hobbyist and professional beekeepers alike, it has a lot of modules and moving parts... so we need your input to tell us what works, what doesn't and what has the most impact on improving your beekeeping experience and business.

I'm keen, register my interest to take part in the development of the best beekeeping software ever!

Thank You For Your Interest

Spots in the program are limited but our team will message you back as soon as possible.