Hive Top Feeder

Feeding your bees made easy 

Similar to pollen, nectar is an essential food source for bees and its availability in the environment is determined by climatic and seasonal conditions.

There are occasions when floral resources are not available which can often lead to starvation. 

The HiveIQ feeder system provides you with an easy solution to supplement feed to your hives. 

Dual purpose hive top feeder The HiveIQ Hive Top Feeder is a dual-purpose integrated hive top feeding system, designed to facilitate both wet and dry feeding with minimal disturbance to the colony. 

It consists of a highly insulated body, moulded with high density EPS, a removable food grade plastic liner and an easy access inspection cover and cap. 

The feeder holds up to 10 litres of sugar syrup and 800g of pollen/protein patty mixture. 

Bee access to the liquid and solid food is centralised directly above the brood where the food is required. 

Inspection and refilling is performed from the top, without the need to fully open the hive, minimising disturbance to the colony.