The perfect Hive Tool

Does the perfect Hive Tool exist?

We've been working on a HiveIQ Hive Tool for over a year, we plan to open the order book in February 2023 but first we want to know we've got it right.

We won't rest until we've got it right but what does make a perfect hive tool? 

1. It must be durable and long lasting so metal is the best material

2. It must make it faster to work the hives, in every way for every task

3. It must feel good to use, hour after hour and hive after hive

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Our Hive Tool design

Five things our latest hive tool design is:

It is highly polished, so you don't lose it and it's easy to clean

It smooth in the hand for long days of beekeeping with a slot to clip it to you

The thumbs up is for easy lifting of frames out of the hive 

The perpendicular flat protects your hand when you're scraping and has an edge for reverse scaping 

The stepped edge lets you split hives fast and to move frames easily and fast