Professional equipment for hobbyists

The features and functionality to enhance your beekeeping experience 

The HiveIQ 2 Hive Stand provides hobbyist with all of the features and functionality provided in the commercial hive pallet system. Holding two hives per stand. 

It includes all the features of the professional range including the pollen collector chute and receptacle, fold out legs to raise the hive height to a comfortable working height.

Our online shop provides a hobbyist bundle for first time beekeepers and a range of hobbyist packages for beekeepers looking for a more professional system with new features such as a better feeding system, pollen collection or breeding with Nucs. 

Hobbyist bundles are available for pre-order now on the HIVE IQ Shop

You can grow your beekeeping ambitions with HiveIQ from hobbyist to small business to professional beekeeping. 

The HiveIQ system is growing, we're here to help you grow too. We recommend starting with two hives, once you've got your beekeeping going you can add more hives, scale up to professional pallets and grow an agribusiness.

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Our CEO, Victor Croker introduces the double hive pallet and our commitment to provide hobbyist beekeepers professional beekeeping equipment