Designed for professional beekeepers

An end to end, high performance, ruggedized beekeeping platform 

The HiveIQ System is purpose designed for migratory beekeeping and pollination
Our mission from the beginning was to produce a beekeeping system for the commercial, operational and team based requirements of professional beekeeping. 

Raised hive height: The use of folding legs on the HiveIQ hive pallet and hive stand raises hive height to a comfortable working height, minimising repetitive bending, reducing fatigue and injury to the beekeeper. 
Our Ceo, Victor Croker, introduces the HiveIQ pallets at the 4th Australian Bee Congress in Sydney, 2022

Optimised for transport to fit on a standard truck - Hives fit 6 wide on pallets fit 3 wide on a truck (6 hives) and designed for fork lift, bobcat or mini loader. 

Light Weight EPS hives
Significantly lighter than other hives saving considerable cargo weight (reduced fuel consumption or greater hive volumes per trip). 

High Strength Protection
Pressed metal cover protects against damage from multi-level stacking on the truck, and pressure from heavy duty straps and winches. 

Interlocking design
The interlocking design of the HiveIQ beehive and hive bodies ensures the integrity of a complete HiveIQ pallet (load stays secure). 

Ergonomic Design

Comfortable hand grips enables better grip and reduces lifting stress, coupled with a lightweight system that is easier to lift and reduces injury risk.

The HiveIQ honey pallet

Streamlines the storage, handling and transport of honey supers.
Leak proof drip tray

Strong and lightweight sheet metal construction.

Capacity for up to 24 HiveIQ honey supers

Easy handling and stacking with forklifts