Our Vision

A sustainable apiculture industry based on applied science and technology to better understand and care for bee colonies 

Quick Facts about HiveIQ

Designed by beekeepers for beekeepers 

Delivering an end-to-end beekeeping solution 

100% Australian owned and operated 

Sole manufacturer of high-density EPS beehives in Australia 

Generating new technical and manufacturing jobs in Australia

We're just getting started

Its been a hard couple of years for everyone, the global shortage of processors has delayed our agritech ambitions for 2022, however we've spent the time making HiveIQ smarter, better for remote beekeeping and partnering with universities to improve the science of beekeeping.

The next release in our roadmap to apiculture agritech comes in 2023, the HiveIQ system will be augmented
with integrated hardware and software to create an agritech platform specifically for apiculture.

Release 2 agritech - coming in 2023


Release 1 HiveIQ products are designed for integrated sensor arrays, data capture and analysis with real time alerts and insights via personalised dashboards will provide an end to end system for data driven beekeeping at scale. 

Our hives will deliver improved insights and decision support capability for hive health and bee colony management, including: 

Real time honey production graphs;

Automated source ID data for honey production

Colony health diagnostics 

Feeding trends/requirements; 

Disease/pathogen management; 

Preparing for pollination events; and 

Transportation monitoring. 

We seek to will help beekeepers scale their businesses to meet the ever growing demand for honey production and crop pollination. 


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